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Shoreline Garage Doors | Teach Your Children about Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are the heaviest moving object in most homes. They have often been referred to as guillotines and rightly so. There are countless stories of people who have been hurt by garage doors closing on them.

That is why it is super important to teach your children about garage door safety. You should teach your children not to play with the remote control for the garage door. You should teach your children to never go under a moving garage door. And you should teach your children about the safety features of your garage door.

Don’t Play with Garage Door Remote Controls

Remote controls are fun for children. They love pushing the buttons to see what they do. Garage door remote controls are perplexing for most children because when they get hold of the remote it is not immediately apparent what it does. Most times they are not in view of the garage door to see the cause and effect relationship between the buttons on the remote and the opening and closing of the garage door. It is important to keep all garage door remote controls out of the reach of little hands and to teach children that they should never touch the remote control. If children are playing with the remote, they could inadvertently crush someone or something with the door.

Don’t Go Under a Moving Garage Door

Have you ever dashed under the garage door as it was closing? This game of beat the garage door is very dangerous. A moving garage door has a lot of force and can crush people and things very easily. While you shouldn’t play this game, it is vitally important that you teach your children never to go under a moving garage door.

If you forget something or need to go through the garage door, use the control buttons to stop the movement of the door before going in or out. By setting an example for your children, they will be less likely to engage in this very risky behavior.

Teach Your Children about Garage Door Safety Features

Many garage doors have safety features that will help prevent accidental injury to persons or property. These safety features include sensor beams that detect objects under the garage door, automatic reverse system if something is detected under the door, and emergency release cords.

Teaching your children about these safety features will help drive home the point that garage doors can be very dangerous. Also, by showing them these features and explaining the safety features to your children, they will be prepared in the case of a garage door emergency.
Moving garage doors are one of the modern conveniences that make life just a little bit easier. Be sure to take the time to teach your children about garage door safety to reduce the risk of garage door accidents in your home.

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