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Shoreline Garage Doors | Your ears are garage door tools, too!

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you ever stop to appreciate all of the complex, unique features that make being a human so fantastic?  Probably not–  Most people don’t, but you should be grateful for this gift!  You should also be grateful of the built in tools you possess on your body.

Take for instance your ears.  Your ears can be used for many different (useful) things, like listening for a car before crossing a road, listening for emergency vehicles while driving, and listening for strange noises when you operate your garage door.

That last one may seem a little out of place, but it definitely belongs there!  Most garage door issues manifest as strange noises before they manifest as a broken spring, so it’s important to pay attention to the noise your garage door puts out while operating–  If it sounds out of the ordinary, call someone immediately so that you can have it checked out!

And every so often, appreciate the human body!

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